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More often they are only spoken about in special circles for those “in the know.”

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  • Filthy Secret # 4: Did you know you can pocket an extra R2,000 tax free a month from the one investment most financial advisors ignore
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  • Filthy Secret #6: The secret strategy long term investors use to keep R400,000 out of SARS pocket and in their hands
  • Filthy Secret # 7: Warren Buffett’s #1 Income Strategy: Use it to bank a safe and steady
    stream of retirement income that never runs out!
  • Filthy Income Secret #8 & #9: The future is all about sustainability – from energy to food…Here are 2 simple ways you can profit from sustainable farming without giving up your day job
  • Filthy Income Secret #10: Use this government hand-out to add an extra R550,000 to your retirement

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The only way to live a worry-free retirement these days is to have steady streams of income coming in, month after month.

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Decoding the Intelligent Investor

In this report, I'll lay out – in detail – the precise methods Benjamin Graham used to select stocks… the same ones that he would then pass on to the likes of Warren Buffett and Walter Schloss.

This will give you the secret behind this incredible strategy, in full, so you can get to grips with how it works and get an idea of the kind of returns this could make you.

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2. Look out for my introductory guide and annotations

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So that Graham’s work has the most positive and most immediate impact on your investing, I’ll personally walk you through how this works – focussing on the parts I believe are most relevant.

In short, I’ll ‘decode’ this book for you, bring it to life and point out what’s worth you reading twice – and more…

For instance, this report will show you the exact criteria you need to look for in a stock to ensure it gives you the best chance of seeing a decent profit.

I’ve said right from the beginning, this is all about you trying this strategy out and seeing how much money you could make from it.

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